Saturday, May 21, 2016

water colors of water in kitsap and king counties

north of west seattle


boat house

green lake

discovery park

view from guillemot cove

view from a bit north of guillemot cove


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

for artwalk at Bill's on Greenwood

FRIDAY MARCH 11, 6 to 9at  Bill's on Greenwood
8560 Greenwood Ave N

the light machine 55x34cm
mr inclan's discussion of his piece with dr lim garners attention from afar.

the persistence of artifacts 34x21cm 
cynthia has a few complaints about her visit to her monumental work. firstly, even though you can download into a body that looks like the one you had once long ago or like someone else had for that matter you can't chose what your protective suit looks like. secondly, the cultural preservation robots think that their job is to play touch football, and not sweeping or artifact preservation. if you happen to be viewing this in the 21st century you can disregard cynthia's complaints and think of the image as a meditation on the desire of some artists to have their work serve in some way as a perpetuation of them selves.

baroque tendencies underground 34x21cm

3 cousins at night 55x34cm

erin's flying carpet 21x21cm
you are thinking she is going to crash but no, the carpet comes with eyes. you might also think that aurel is being venerated for sitting on the pillar but they are actually imploring him to come down already and get something to eat.

rest on the flight to calabria 21x21cm
about 500 years ago some of my ancestors had to leave france because as i have heard from two separate sources they might have been horse thieves.

veneration of the old masters 21x21cm 

lucia in the blue chair 34x55cm

atelier capriccio 21x34cm
i don't mean to brag, but in a different universe i once painted a figure so convincing that she jumped out of the painting, demanded a robe and slippers, that i put several more logs on the fire and that i maker her a grilled cheese sandwich all of which i complied with before she melted back into the painting.

the four color room 13x21cm
when holly was small she did something that her mother disapproved of and her mother said, holly stop acting like a princess and holly retorted tartly that she was a princess. perhaps holly had an inkling of this other universe shown here that budded off so long ago or bubbled up independently, coincidentally, 15 billion years ago, i can not tell which, where she is a princess.

the land of peace and tranquility 34x21cm
there is a general consensus that the seas of earth will boil away as the sun prepares for red giantness, most saying this will happen 1 to 3 billion years from now though i went to a talk at the library where one outrider said that another outrider ran a computer climate simulation that included the methane seeping out of the melting ice and warming ocean floors and came up with boiling seas by 2080, or maybe by 2085. i guess i should have been taking notes.

the retrograde goddess 13x21cm
                    860 degrees F in the shade

election night at the museum anne21x13cm

inadvertent homage to boucher  21x13cm

at  Bill's on Greenwood
8560 Greenwood Ave N

paintings up until april 8th
(55x34=$1100, 21x34=$500, 21x21=$300, 13x21=$200)