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                           Opening Friday May 5, 2017 5-9PM
                                           115 S. Adams Street 
                                                        SPOKANE- DOWNTOWN
                                                                                 509 4585517

troubadour 13x21cm
an anachronistic orpheus

7mile river sprite 13x21cm
the motorcycle in the middle of the channel right by the bridge is not to be taken it is the river's and is protected by the sprite in the form of a giant three eyed carp. you are welcome to any golf frisbees but the golf clubs i have already taken and given to my brother in law or my nephew, i can't remember who. (sold)
fiddler 13x21cm
if you close your eyes you might be transported back to the american civil war. don't drink the water and watch out for surgeons with bone saws.

all utopias have zeppelins 13x21cm
i am always surprised when i travel more than 400 years forward to find real meat people and not your usual gene hacked replica bodies that robots in some time lines like to down load into but in this particular universe there were no robots at all, just real people speaking some incomprehensible mix of perhaps swedish, russian and lithuanian. i garnered that the people there had no sense of the march of time, loping about on foot or up in a zeppelin, eating their lentil soup and heavy bread.

the four color room 13x21cm
when holly was small she did something that her mother disapproved of and her mother said, holly stop acting like a princess and holly retorted tartly that she was a princess. perhaps holly had an inkling of this other universe shown here that budded off so long ago or bubbled up independently, coincidentally, 15 billion years ago, i can not tell which, where she is a princess.

the retrograde goddess 13x21cm
                    860 degrees F in the shade

the wine dark sea 21x13cm
one groups golden age is usually another's time of bondage and struggle but i still like the bowie song.
wreath model 21x21cm
on a warmish september afternoon my niece made a wreath for my first cousin, twice removed.

in arcadia 21x21cm
youths coming upon a memento mori are advised to respect the river.

veneration of the old masters 21x21cm 
what is old and what is new?
ochre room 21x21cm
my studio space where i lived on the sly (it had a sink and i had a thin red futon which i rolled up and sat on while i painted) was slated for demolition or the building was being renovated so i needed a new space or spaces. i set off to look with several other painters and we had the luck of finding an older couple who had a building they wanted us to use and not only were we going to have our own bedrooms but upstairs there was an interior, windowless room that was none the less bright with peeling yellow ochre paint.

rest on the flight to calabria 21x21cm
about 500 years ago some of my ancestors had to leave france because as i have heard from two separate sources they might have been horse thieves (the genetic evidence says they were semites, apparently it was better to be horse thieves in them thar parts.)

erin's flying carpet 21x21cm
you are thinking she is going to crash but no, the carpet comes with eyes. you might also think that aurel is being venerated for sitting on the pillar but they are actually imploring him to come down already and get something to eat.

minuet in ochre and sienna 21x21cm
four figures bound by the rasping tones of the docent

atelier capriccio 21x34cm
i don't mean to brag, but in a different universe i once painted a figure so convincing that she jumped out of the painting, demanded a robe and slippers, that i put several more logs on the fire and that i make her a grilled cheese sandwich all of which i complied with before she melted back into the painting.

the land of peace and tranquility 34x21cm
there is a general consensus that the seas of earth will boil away as the sun prepares for red giantness, most saying this will happen 1 to 3 billion years from now though i went to a talk at the library where one outrider said that another outrider ran a computer climate simulation that included the methane seeping out of the melting ice and warming ocean floors and came up with boiling seas by 2080, or maybe by 2085. i guess i should have been taking notes.

baroque tendencies underground 34x21cm
maybe before the seas boil away some people will escape and live underground on mars and it will be just like venice except for the light.

sung's escape 34x12cm
he was going to give me a lift but there was only room for him and his dog lucy.

last kiss 34X21cm
that day started off well with just a few clouds and a light breeze.

new old ballard 55x34cm
the wife and i went on a double date with mr. and mrs. mcneely. they wanted to show us the ballard of tomorrow so we borrowed bob’s time machine. we had thai food. it was very good. ballard is pretty much the same but i don’t think the chicken was real. 

olympia 55X34cm
i went to see a movie with my wife about some kids who find themselves transported to an island with lots of apple trees and ruins and one of the main characters looked a bit like a house mate of mine from when i lived in olympia where it didn't really rain but it drizzled from october to the end of may.

city of god 55x34cm
one time 20 years ago i put sung's likeness in the sky as if he were a cloud and he showed up the next day in the flesh.

lucia in the blue chair 34x55cm
this was picked up and blogged by some dutch person. my daughter's name was changed and they gave me 20 more years. 

the prodigal voyagers 55x34cm
perhaps there is a planet around a goodly sized star that has places on it that feel just a little bit like sweden and maybe these people have a fantastic spaceship that can not only go 50% the speed of light but can also slow down enough to visit but they are probably just robots with a lot of nostalgia.

prince erik 55x34cm
when he first left, his ship was a shiny silver thing

the land of eternal night 55x34cm
the day side of this planet in the trappist 1 system can produce some unpleasant feelings with that wrong sized, wrong colored orb hanging in place, so the views and ice hockey offered by the night side are quite popular.

watcher 34x55cm
between spokane and cheney

juggler 55x89cm
i used to play basketball with this fellow back when my arms were long, before my knees floated around freely before he grew so he could juggle three of me safely and four with some mishaps though with infinite copies from other hapless universes to juggle with we merely chuckle at their fate. 

a triumph of tubas or
excavating the lost world of color 89x55cm
from a 1000 light years away, a marvelous coincidence really, using an array that spanned a medium star system’s reach  they picked up a fragmented signal that when put together made a moving two dimensional picture of 5 appendaged beings in 3 dimensional space. they set out almost immediately in the fastest conveyance they had and after a mere 10,000 years more or less they arrived, disguised as the 5 appendaged beings just to be polite if those beings were still around and they made some shovels in case they were not.

Monday, April 24, 2017

8 figures for Kolva-Sullivan Gallery


                Opening Friday May 5, 2017 5-9PM
                          115 S. Adams Street 
                              SPOKANE- DOWNTOWN
                                                                  509 4585517

woman and bird, except the bird is missing 13x21cm

mr hinton used to say if ain't got that swing it ain't got that thing or something to that extent 13x21cm

homage to modigliani 14x21cm

election night at the museum anne21x13cm

inadvertent homage to boucher  21x13cm (sold)

nude teetering on two horses thinly disguised by some cushions and a sheet 21x13cm

the magician 13x21cm

the dancer 13x21cm (sold) 

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

dragonfly tamer

7mile river sprite 13x21cm
the motorcycle in the middle of the channel right by the bridge is not to be taken it is the river's and is protected by the sprite in the form of a giant three eyed carp. you are welcome to any golf frisbees but the golf clubs i have already taken and given to my brother in law or my nephew, i can't remember who.