Friday, November 21, 2014

where holly was a princess

the four color room 13x21cm
when holly was small she did something that her mother disapproved of and her mother said, holly stop acting like a princess and holly retorted tartly that she was a princess. perhaps holly had an inkling of this other universe shown here that budded off so long ago or bubbled up independently, coincidentally, 15 billion years ago, i can not tell which, where she is a princess.

Friday, November 7, 2014

all utopias have zeppelins

defiance 13x21cm
i am always surprised when i travel more than 400 years forward to find real meat people and not your usual gene hacked replica bodies that robots in some time lines like to down load into but in this particular universe there were no robots at all, just real people speaking some incomprehensible mix of perhaps swedish, russian and lithuanian. i garnered that the people there had no sense of the march of time, loping about on foot or up in a zeppelin, eating their lentil soup and heavy bread.