Tuesday, February 14, 2012

obscurely romantic paintings for valentine's day

             pilgrimage to cythera

the retrograde goddess 13x21cm

last kiss 34X21cm

cathar treasure 72x94cm

the green fountain 55X34cm
the tree (bigger than a bread box but smaller than an elephant)
the wine dark sea 21x13cm
one groups golden age is usually another's time of bondage and struggle but i still like the bowie song.

Friday, February 10, 2012

5 paintings on the 4th orb

out on the silent planet
21x21cm (sold)
dr raczkowski and his eggplant escape pod
in an alternate universe there is a professor who spends more time playing chess on the internet and less writing articles and such. this universe is also increasingly litigious and there it is cheaper for universities to tell the not getting tenure professors they are going to give a paper in nome alaska. instead they are drugged on the plane which flies to kazakhstan where they are placed on a surplus soviet era rocket and sent to mars, where if they can find it they can teach at the university's satellite campus. 55x34cm

el conquistador
people are always asking what the shovel is for and I tell them it comes in handy a lot but if you don't wait a while it can melt your gloves. 34x21cm (sold)

ryan on mars
ryan got a car for graduation and he has promised to give me rides in it when i get out there. he has quite a rock collection I understand. 34x21cm

dr kay on mars
his realtor was a former housemate he trusted but you should really visit a place before you buy. 55X34cm (sold)