Friday, February 25, 2011

some ascetics

aurel at the end  21X34cm (sold)

aurel's carpet 55X89cm

the stylite 55X89cm
smelly fanatic monks were the rock stars of their day. they sought out high pillars to get away from the throng but that only drove the fans wilder. 55X89cm (sold)

Friday, February 18, 2011

3 paintings in san francisco at window treat in march

dr kay on mars-
his realtor was a former housemate he trusted but you should really visit a place before you buy. 55X34cm acrylic on canvas (sold)

new old ballard-
the wife and i went on a double date with mr. and mrs. mcneely. they wanted to show us the ballard of tomorrow so we borrowed bob’s time machine. we had thai food. it was very good. ballard is pretty much the same but i don’t think the chicken was real. 
55X34cm, acrylic on canvas

night vapors-
who can sleep when throbbing wings rattle the windows? 
34X55cm, acrylic on canvas (sold)

What is Window Treat ...

A window gallery at 24th and Treat created in 2008 by artist Marc Ribaud and supported by two generous architects

Thursday, February 3, 2011


palimpsest #2 13x21cm

green room 21x13cm

guerre civile 10x10cm (sold)

stalingrad on the thames 21X13cm (sold)

judgment of paris 21X13cm (sold)

ego grande 21X13cm

the umbrella 21X13cm

under the covers (unavailable)

port orchard bay 21X13cm