Tuesday, April 5, 2011

six milionis

blue room 21x34cm

this painting is about overcoming the guilt imbued by a catholic upbringing and about really big gold fish.

                ochre room
i dreamt of an old apartment building to move into that came with a windowless studio and picasso was in town. 21X21cm

if she had a phone I’m certain that she would call protective services but no such luck in the 11th century. she must come up with a new story, the less rational the better, every night to keep her head in place. 34X34cm

   saint sophia
 i always pictured this saint as a bookworm in a strange land. 58X62cm

fisherman’s wife.
  i read “the flounder” by gunter grass and I used to live in ballard. 59X56cm

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