Sunday, May 3, 2015

a small show at the auburn senior center, may through june

                                                         6 ideas of water

This is a fairly disparate group of paintings I have gathered here but perhaps they are unified by the figures in them. Many of the figures are relatives, some are friends, 3 are relatives and one is a total stranger whom I asked if I could capture their image. Another unifier is water. Every painting has a depiction of a river or an arm of the sea, or perhaps a lake, though one only has within it a painting of the sea and in another you can't see the river but if you listen closely you can hear that the song is about the river.

mezzetino 21x21cm
the history of the world is thick with paintings and i wasn't thinking of watteau's "mezzetin" when i snapped a photo of my nephew, the photographer playing my sister's guitar on a summer's night but with that statue of aphrodite in the back yard how could i not have. the statue has some meaning but my sister will only tell me that it is hard to mow around.

erin's flying carpet 21x21cm
you are thinking she is going to crash but no, the carpet comes with eyes. you might also think that aurel is being venerated for sitting on the pillar but they are actually imploring him to come down already and get something to eat.

rest on the flight to calabria 21x21cm
about 500 years ago some of my ancestors had to leave france because as i have heard from two separate sources they might have been horse thieves.

veneration of the old masters 21x21cm

embarcation 21x21cm (sold)

in arcadia 21x21cm

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