Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The swallows are from Battle Point Park. They are probably thinking that the bugs are pretty tasty in Sicily. We liked the food too. Mostly we ate at The Fork. The cook there was from Torino and he said that he had a rock star cousin named Bon Jovi. One night the cook was surprised that no orders were coming in even though the restaurant was filling up. He poked his head out and saw that “Franco” the owner, maitre d’, and waiter was nowhere to be seen. The casher was very pretty but she had really long nails and was in no shape to pass hot plates around and besides it wasn’t her job so the cook had to take the orders as well as cook. The police came looking for Franco. They were also surprised he was not there. It was also not the cashier’s job to know where Franco was. I had the fresh sardines that night. There is not a better fish in the world. 89X55cm  (sold)

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