Friday, January 21, 2011


the green fountain 55X34cm

september first 55X34cm

last kiss 34X21cm

spanish flags
the libertines are playing and smoking while the tide is rising and the fascists are nearing. various members of the popular front keep alive a small hope for rescue by uncle joe whom they may have misjudged.78X46cm

olympia 55X34cm

city of god 55X34cm

             pilgrimage to cythera
there is always an out of tune lute player with an uncertain voice. throw him some drachma (actually it’s euros now) and give him a swig of wine and he will be off bothering another group. i don’t recommend the sailboat tours especially if you have toddlers because of the low rails and the lack of life jackets. i never made it to the temple. the path is steep and crowded by thorny shrubs. 89X55cm

war protest (sold)

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